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Designing autonomous vehicles to be safe in any conditions

How can autonomous vehicles be made safer? Autonomous vehicles have made tremendous leaps in recent years. Professor Ding Zhao and the Safe AI Lab is making sure each leap keeps vehicles safe and controlled. Machine learning-based approaches for perception and coordination allow vehicles to perform well under the conditions they [...]

Exploring approaches to object object manipulation

How can robotic arms be made more robust? Autonomous robotic manipulation requires many individual complex tasks to come together. A robot must be able to accurately identify the object it needs to move, plan how to move the object to its destination, and execute the plan accurately. Deep learning has [...]

The Foundations of Autonomous Vehicles

  How has Carnegie Mellon University shaped the autonomous vehicle landscape? Carnegie Mellon University has been a leader in autonomous vehicles for as long as they have been navigating the roads. From developing the first autonomous vehicle with all onboard computing to winning DARPA Grand Challenges, CMU can be credited [...]

Hands-on Experience with Helpful Humanoids

How can humanoid and AI robotics help in everyday households? UBTECH’s goal is to answer that. Carnegie Mellon University and UBTECH Robotics hosted their third annual humanoid workshop with the RI Summer Scholars. UBTECH Robotics is a leader in producing service robots. They have made great strides in achieving their mission with innovations such [...]

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